I started in running in 2011 and started triathlon in 2012. That is a story I will eventually blog about, but for now, it is only important to know that I was SLOW and not young when I started. There was a lot of room for improvement!!

May 21, 2011: Tyler finished in 25:23 and I was at 31:26. Not bad for our first 5K!! So proud of both of us, but especially my Tyler!!

In my year of 5ks and sprint triathlons, I almost always set a new PR (personal record) at every race, that was FUN! I had learned, like we all do, to set BIG goals and chase them. That was easy in the beginning. My goal would be to PR, and since I was new and still improving I would hit the goal, celebrate, and repeat… until I didn’t.

As with most things, improving eventually got harder. The summer of 2012, I had become relatively fast and had hit a plateau. I was still setting goals, but it wasn’t “working”… because when I didn’t hit the goals, I was disappointed. I was working just as hard, maybe too hard. I was training and eating right and setting big goals – just like I was taught.

What was missing??  CELEBRATION!

I was missing the feeling of being proud of myself. I was missing that feeling of crossing that finish line having done what I said I would do. It was not the medal at the end (you get that anyway.) I was not competing with anyone else, so that didn’t matter to me. I was missing that feeling that comes with celebrating myself! That was when the 3 goal method was born! (I will write about the 3 goal method, soon.)

Do you celebrate yourself? Do you set goals in a way that allow you to do what you said you would? Whether it is sports, weight loss, work, housekeeping… how can you celebrate yourself today?