I LOVE to do fundraisers! They are one of my favorite parts of this “job” of mine!

I joined Thirty-One in 2016 to raise money for a fundraiser I was doing that summer. I am passionate about ensuring you have a successful fundraiser and am committed to partnering with you to make it happen! I offer two fundraising programs to help your organization, cause or charity meet your goals. Let me help you kick off a fundraiser to create an impact in your community today! 

Fundraising Link

This is SO easy! We have a link to your fundraiser on my website and everyone can follow the link to order. 20% of all orders are donated to your organization.  I create online flyers for you to share on social media, over text, and email.  Here is a sample flyer.

Trunk Show

You’re already at registration, practice, or church, or somewhere with all your friends.  I can set up a table of products and collect orders with 20% of all orders donated to your organization. 

Team Fundraiser

Each parent shares the fundraising link and online flyer and 20% of all orders are donated to your team!

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