Thank you for your interest in my Gift Clubs.  Here is how it works:

You agree to purchase $50+ every third month for a year.  This will take you through 4 catalog seasons, which means you will have plenty of new things for your gifting list (and wishlist) with each new catalog.


In return you get:

  1. Special Facebook group for club members.
  2. Insider information about specials and sales.
  3. 1 month during the club time period that you are the “Club Insider of the Month”.  Months are selected randomly once the club is filled.  During your month you are guaranteed a $200 party which means you get $20 insider credit, 1 half-priced item, and 1 hostess exclusive.
  4. FREE SHIPPING on ALL 4 of your Gifting Club orders!
  5. Option to host an in-home, facebook, or catalog party during your month to increase your rewards.

I am currently looking for members for a club to starts in June 2020 (assuming it fills before the end of May).  If you are interested, click here.

Shopping months for the Club starting in June are June, September, December, and March.