I dream in goals, it is how I am wired. I don’t remember my first big goal, but I do remember my the first goal that started a process that has kept me dreaming through that past 9 years.

Tyler, then 9 years old, has recently discovered running. I WAS NOT a runner. My very short track career in middle school included running, only because I loved high jump and our coach did not allow “field event only athletes.” When Tyler said, “Mom, I want to run a 5k” we did some research and found the Komen Race for the Cure in Detroit and WE signed up… yep, me too. I had not run a single mile since high school, not for the sake of running anyway.

I downloaded the Couchto5k App to my phone and started training. I set some goals, raised some money for Susan G. Komen, and lined up on that start line next to Tyler with the plan to run together through the streets of Detroit. We made it about 100 feet before he said, “Mom, can I just meet you at the end?” He crossed that finish line 6+ minutes before me. I did not reach my goals and I did not run with my kiddo – the purpose of the day. By all accounts, that day was unsuccessful… except a string of dreams/goals were born that day.

After our first 5k, May 22, 2011

I left that run course already thinking about what my next “race” would be. Here I am over 8 years later, with over 100 races under my belt. I have raced 5k’s, marathons, Super Sprint Triathlons, and 2 Full Ironman races. As I pack and plan for 1/2 Ironman Distance #6 this weekend, preparing myself mentally to miss my goals due to injury, I am reflecting on how far I have come since that first race and how much I have learned!!

The success of that day: I learned that I could do something I was not good at, YET. I learned that through goal setting and a growth mindset, ANYTHING is possible. I have been able to use that lesson as a teacher, a coach, and now a business owner.