Do you have a gift closet? Maybe you have not been sure how to start or how to organize it.  Gift giving is a huge focus in the spring and later fall with holidays like Mother’s Day and Christmas, however if you have ever found yourself unprepared with a gift, you know that gifting is really a year-round endeavor.  Gift-giving takes planning, especially if you want to save money and reduce stress!  To help me with that, I have created and maintained a gift closet for just over a year now, and I am ready to share how you can create and organize your own gift closet!

1. Make a List

The most effective list for me is a Gift Closet Inventory list.  I start by writing down all of the events that I know I will need gifts for: birthdays, holidays, weddings, babies, etc.  I add the date, occasion, and name for each of these.  If I already have a gift idea, I’ll write that down now.  I usually don’t which allows me to shop sales and specials. 

Next I’ll add the extras that I have been “caught” without a gift for in the past. This list includes house warming gifts, baby gifts, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, thank you gifts, etc.  What else would you put on that list?  

I use one gift inventory list just for Christmas and one for the rest of the year.  You can grab your own copy to print here:

2. Designate a “closet”

Your gift closet doesn’t have to actually be a closet, but it does help to have a designated place to keep gifts so that you don’t forget you bought them and you always know where to find them.  I use 2 shelves of this shelving unit that I bought at target.  I like to use a Large Utility Tote to hold the smaller items.  On the top shelf I keep boxes and gift bags from others that I want to reuse.  I also keep my wrapping paper and tissue paper in a Medium Stand Tall Bin and scissors and tape in a Littles Carry-All Caddy so that everything is there when it is time to give the gifts! 

As you are starting off, you could use just one Deluxe Utility Tote to keep it all in!  It even has pockets on the outside for the tape and scissors!

3. Fill Your Gift Closet

It is important to me that I give gifts that are personal while still staying on a budget. First, I like to use my inventory list as a monthly shopping list.  At the beginning of each month I use the date column to make sure I am all set for that month.  I check off gifts as they are purchased and put in the closet.  I cross them off as I mail or give them. Second, each month I will also make sure my “on hand” section of the inventory has an array of items to bail me out in a gifting emergency!



4. Keep Your Closet Full

Finally, I like to take advantage of Buy ____ and get ____ deals (like our Spend $50, get 50% off any item customer rewards) and sales to keep my closet full! To support my other Direct Sales friends I will host parties to use rewards for gifts.  Similarly, you can get a ton of great gifts with the rewards when you host a Thirty-One party open a Thirty-One referral link with me!  

You can join one of my Gifting Clubs to take advantage of all of our rewards! You’ll get customer rewards and insider rewards. In addition you will enjoy Free Shipping from me 4 times per year!  Now that is a great way to get personal (and personalized) gifts that will keep your friends and family feeling loved all-year-round!