I have teenaged children (Tyler – 18 and Melissa – 16).  When they were young, I read somewhere that hugs should be at least 20 seconds long for maximum benefit.  Most of their lives we made that a “thing.” As they have gotten older and life has gotten busier, we have hugged less and rarely for 20 seconds. When I stopped getting up in the mornings, they didn’t get any hugs until bedtime…

Enter the Miracle Morning and Anchored with Purpose, which I started to get a grasp on my routines and spend more time in prayer and bible study. Even though I am “busy” working through my Faith Journal during my Miracle Mornings, I stop what I am doing when the kids are downstairs before school.  Even if I am in the middle of a prayer, I pause to spend those moments with them.  I know God understands.

img_3620-1With Tyler, this means about 2 minutes after he wakes up he is getting a big hug from me. Tyler gets up at 5:45am to get ready and get to school on time. His first “job” in the morning is to feed the dogs, so he comes down right away. I hear him coming and meet him at the bottom of the stairs for my morning hug. He is so tired, he kind of just falls into me. This 6’3″, 18 year old boy now starts his day with a 20+ second hug from his mama. We chat a bit about his day while he feeds the dogs… as much as an exhausted teenage boy talks, anyway.  He is the first person I see in the mornings.  I love this time with him!

bd01d586-df48-4d0f-aa43-ca6064db67b4-1Melissa does most of her getting ready before she comes down, but spends more time downstairs making a lunch and water bottle and such.  I meet her in the kitchen for her 20+ second hug.  In the beginning of March (when I started the Miracle Morning), I could feel her getting anxious to finish getting ready and out the door.  I stood my ground and hugged for for 20 seconds, there is always 20 seconds to hug your mom! After about a week of those hugs, she has stopped getting anxious and may even admit she likes those morning hugs.  After I hug her, I sit down with my coffee – no phone – and talk to her while she makes her lunch.  Melissa likes to talk!!  It is AWESOME!

When I started the Miracle Morning, I expected I would be more productive and have a positive start to my day.  It has been an unexpected blessing to get this bonus time with my kids and to start their days with a physical reminder of unconditional love.