Are you newly working from home?work from home

First let me welcome you to the work from home life!  I have been working from home for 2.5 years and I love it!  Many of you have been forced into working from home and that came with expectations, am I right? I remember thinking that working from home would suddenly give me a ton of extra time to do all.the.things.  Now that you have done it for a few weeks, how are you feeling about it?

While working from home does give you some time savings, it also presents you with new time requirements.  After reading Its About Time by Valorie Burton I decided to take her advice and do a time budget, vary much like a financial budget.  If you don’t have the time (see what I did there) to do a complete time budget right now, just consider the things that have changed due to the current pandemic.

Consider Time Savings, put an amount of time to each.
  • no commute
  • no carpool lane
  • no kids activities (practices and events)
  • what else?
Consider NEW Time requirements, put an amount of time to each.
  • homeschooling
  • fixing lunches for kids (if they previously bought lunch)
  • letting the dogs in and out (this was a big one for me – seriously how did they ever make it 8 hours home alone before??)
  • what else?
How much extra time is that?

Assuming all other time requirements remain the same, how much extra time did you gain? For me, it was not a ton! Knowing that helped me be much more intentional with that small amount of extra time that I had. Prioritize those projects that you were dreaming of doing if you could work from home. What will you tackle first?